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Garden of Secrets – Shani Ferguson


Sapphire Skies – Shani Ferguson


The Yeshua Israel Worship Initiative is designed to care for and support Israeli Psalmists in the areas of fellowship, accountability and, of course, the making of Israeli worship music.

With the help of our partners, we are able to constantly create new worship music in Hebrew, to fill the land of Israel with praise and worship of the One true God of Israel! Here are listening options:

1. Listen online on this page (scroll down).
2. Click here to Download these albums for free. Or you may also give a donation when downloading.
3. Click here to listen on the YouTube channel dedicated to our free Hebrew worship music (called “Ashira”, which is Hebrew for “I WILL SING”)

Rise Up | קומו – Single
by Dani Borok | דני בורוק


Wonderful Savior | מושיע מופלא – Single
by Eli Haitov | אלי חייטוב

To You | אליך – Single
by Eli Haitov | אלי חייטוב


El Ne’eman (Faithful God) | אל נאמן
by Ashira | אשירה
Vocals – Shirel Leonidov
All songs written by Shlomo Intrater




For All Albums:
Executive Producers: Kobi Shani Ferguson
Produced by: Eli Ben-Moshe