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Fighting for the Heart and Soul of a Jewish Nation

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For every defining movement in history, there were defining arts that were used to both define and influence culture. It is for this reason that we see great value in using creative ways to spread the message of God’s love and loyalty to His people and His word.


Sapphire Skies

Shani Ferguson



7 Ways Israel Has Impatcted Your World Part 2

70 year edition (Part 2)  By Shani Ferguson High Tech In honor of Israel’s 70 years of existence in the modern world, we have compiled 7…
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Discovering Hebrew Roots

  Discovering Hebrew Roots by Shani Ferguson If you’re a Christian, are you the New Israel? What does it mean to be Jewish?  Is being a…
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Hebrew Myths 101

  Hebrew Myths 101 And Some Beautiful Secrets From the Language of the Bible by Shani Ferguson Learning a foreign language can be challenging, especially if…
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