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Understanding Israel Will Change Your Life
Meeting Yeshua Will Change Theirs


Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

When Theodore Herzl, considered the Father of Modern Israel, died in 1904, Eliezer Ben Yehuda went into deep mourning. Although Ben Yehuda had dreamed and worked…
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Rebuilding Israel

Chaim Malespin’s parents were the hippest of hippies. At 16 years old, his mother, Tehila, ran away from her abusive home in Canada and decided to…
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Jerusalem’s Orthodox Jews vs. Eliezer Ben Yehuda

Father of the Modern Hebrew Language Part 3 (Click here for Part 2 and Here for Part 1) Down through the ages the Hebrew Bible has been…
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Sapphire Skies

Shani Ferguson


What we do

For every defining movement in history, there were defining arts that were used to both define and influence culture. It is for this reason that we see great value in using creative ways to spread the message of God’s love and loyalty to His people and His word.