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OFFICIAL Garden of Secrets Music Video:
This stop motion music video is made up exclusively of almost 5000 still photographs.
There is no video footage and there are no special effects.
The song is "Garden of Secrets" from the album Garden of Secrets inspired from the Song of Solomon.

To purchase on iTunes Click Here (A booklet with all lyrics is available when downloading the whole album)


Weep: “Weep”, originally written in Hebrew is just as moving in its English form.  It describes the inner struggle and longing of the Jewish heart for God and her homeland. Anger begets anger and hate begets hate. But weeping has a power all of its own. Will you share your tears?

Seraphim (Album "Garden of Secrets"): This clip by Shani & Kobi Ferguson is from a live worship concert at the Elav national youth conference hosted by Succat Hallel.

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