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Sapphire Skies - Shani Ferguson

It was the winter of 1998 and I had just finished classes for the day in college. My music teacher had given us a homework assignment to write a song.

As I remember it, it had been a particularly amazing week of classes. I had this one professor who had an uncanny way of describing the Kingdom of God and the spiritual world where angels and other beings - and God himself - existed in full form. He had spent days going on and on about different visions from the Bible prophets, describing them as if he had peeked in on the original events and was just coming out to tell us about it.

Class would end, and my friends and I would just sit there looking at each other, sensing the awe of God.

I came home, heart still full, and sat down at the piano. Once I played the chords, the song wrote itself. I could barely jot the words down fast enough to capture the lyrics that spilled out. When I finished I looked down to read what I had actually written. It read as if I had been given my own opportunity to take a peek.

I played my song for that music class. I’ve played it countless times since. Now I’m hoping to share it with the world.

I encourage you to listen when you have a quiet moment (or if you have a noisy house like mine, headphones will do.

It’s a journey. And I hope it captures your heart like it did mine and leaves you in awe of God’s beauty!

Recorded at our Yeshua Israel Worship Center/ studio in Jerusalem

This song will be available on iTunes, Google Play, and other outlets THIS WEEK!

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