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Living in Israel 2013 - Difficult but Awesome
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2013-fergusons-yi-ministry-pic.jpgI'm a mother of four little kiddos and a wife to a hard working man. I grew up just outside of Tel Aviv and moved to Jerusalem 5 years ago.

I have options, I don't have to live here. And every subsequent visit to the US screams to my maternal instincts, "It'll be so much easier if you just move here!"

Giant toys for cheap, yards with grass and trees, a dozen congregations to choose from within a couple miles and so many believing friends for my kids to grow up along side. I know it wouldn't be perfect, and that Americans are struggling too but it would be easier.

Here, they are the only believers in their school, toys are four times the price and break twice as fast. Play dates with believing friends are a trip across town if not across the country and that's no joke with gas at $8 a gallon. And of course it's tricky making long term plans with Israel always on the verge war one of her neighbors. (Did I mention I think people who don't have to move here but want to are crazy?)

Still as many times as I have such thoughts, I am overwhelmed at thinking of the important times we live in and how close we get to be to the action. Picture going into a battle with God as the pilot- so you know who wins- and you get to watch from the cockpit. Talk about adventure!

I mean when grandparents tell stories to their grand kids, they don't share about how easy their life was and how many toys they had. Those parts are boring. They share of how they made it through incredible trials and survived to tell- and even laugh about it.
And so, I figure, we're definitely in for a ride so we might as well embrace it.
And my kids should expect to have awesome stories to tell their grandkids.

Shani Ferguson



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